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  •   December 2007
    200 lives shattered in Côte des Neiges
    Thursday, December 20,

    Aktar Ahmed, his wife and their four children are living in temporary shelter for the second time in three years.
    Their three-bedroom apartment on the top floor of a three-storey building at 4375 de Courtrai Ave., near Lavoie St., in the Côte des Neiges district, was severely damaged in a fire that sent 200 people into the street Tuesday.
    "This was the master bedroom," Ahmed, 35, said while surveying the damage yesterday morning. "Look - everything is finished."
    The master bedroom and the bathroom bore the brunt of the damage as firefighters tore up the walls and the roof to prevent flames from spreading from the neighbouring building.
    In the kitchen and the living room, water from the firefighting operation had turned to ice, making the floors slippery.
    Ahmed and his wife, who moved from Bangladesh in 1998, have sons age 24, 7 and 6, and a daughter age 17. They have been living in the building since 1999 and this is the second time in three years it has caught fire.
    "The last time this happened, it was the other side of the apartment that was damaged," Ahmed said. "We were in temporary housing for six months. I think it will be longer this time because it's winter."
    Ahmed said he smelled smoke about 11:15 a.m. Tuesday, ran out of his apartment and saw flames shooting out of the basement of the attached building. He and his wife left their apartment and then watched all day as firefighters tried to douse the flames.
    The building where the fire started, at 4305 de Courtrai, was demolished that night after firefighters determined it wasn't structurally sound.
    The Ahmed family stayed with a friend in a bachelor apartment Tuesday night. They were trying to find a larger place to stay last night.
    Ahmed's building is run by Montreal's municipal housing office. The neighbouring building is privately owned.
    A woman, whose one-bedroom apartment was destroyed in the blaze, said she was surprised to return Tuesday night to see the building demolished.
    "When I left at 7 p.m., the fire seemed to be under control," she said.
    "I was sure my apartment would be saved because it was at the far corner, on the opposite side where the fire started."
    The scene was too much to bear for Aranka Hagymasi, 53. She was taken to a hospital Tuesday after her heart condition started acting up.
    "It was horrible," Hagymasi said yesterday, returning to her apartment with her husband, Jozsef Pilis, 41, to salvage their belongings.
    Another resident was treated for minor smoke inhalation.
    The city put up many families in hotels yesterday, for a second night. The victims are to meet with the municipal housing office in the coming days to find a more permanent place to live.
    Repairs are expected to take months on the building at 4375 de Courtrai. It was not known yesterday if the owners will reconstruct the apartment building that has been razed.
    The city was trying to find temporary housing for 100 people yesterday. It's believed the rest of the residents who were ousted by the fire were staying with friends or family.

    Cattleya trianaei 'Aranka Germaski' Fcc/Aos
    14 Dec 2007,

    Ed M
    I was puttering around the greenhouse last night and noticed a big white flower back in a hard to reach place on one of the benches. I brought it out and discovered it was my Cattleya trianaei 'Aranka Germaski' Fcc/Aos. I received a small division several years ago and this is the first time its bloomed for me.
    Cattleya trianaei is a unifoliate Cattleya species from Colombia where it was first discovered in 1842. Its a winter blooming plant with 18cm (7 inch) flowers. The species comes in many color forms with this one being an alba. They are also one of the longest-lasting of Cattleya flowers, up to five weeks.

    Cattleya trianaei 'Aranka Germaski'
    Face Time: Aranka Matolcsy
    The life of an artist; living one's beliefs.

    Sunday, December 9, 2007,

    By M. Dirk Langeveld, staff writer
    In 1962, Lajos Matolcsy founded the Western Maine Art Group, a community arts organization in Norway. Forty-five years later, after being involved in music, publishing and ceramic arts - as well as becoming a referee for alpine ski and snowboard competitions in Colorado - his daughter Aranka Matolcsy is carrying on the tradition started by her father. On Nov. 1, she became the full-time director of the Western Maine Art Group.

    Age: 39
    How did you get into the arts?
    I was born into the arts. My mother, Claire, held a degree in art history from Cornell, was a modern dancer who studied with the likes of Martha Graham, Hose Limon and Alvin Ailey, and possessed a knowledge of music history that surpassed my conservatory professors. My father, Lajos, was a professor of fine arts from the Royal Hungarian Academy who founded the Western Maine Art Group in 1965, and who gained significant notoriety in Europe and the United States through teaching, exhibition and competition.

    Do you do any artwork of your own? (She is an accomplished musician and writer but...)
    Then I discovered glass. Ten years ago I started studying glass blowing, which eventually led to slumping and fusing glass in kilns. Glass is the medium that turns me on to the fullest extent. It is the most dynamic, interactive and captivating medium and form of art I have yet discovered. I am currently building a new glass studio in South Paris and will hopefully be able to teach glass arts and exhibit my true art in the near future.
    Lees verder op / more on:

    Moonstruck flock to Arizona light collector
    Wed Dec 5, 2007 ,

    . . .
    Moonlight benefits
    The Chapins are eager for researchers to use the site to determine if moonlight does have any demonstrable applications in areas including medicine, plant biology and certain industrial processes. They also welcome visits by sceptics to the site.
    Meanwhile, visitors continue trek out to the imposing installation and listen to ambient music as they wait for a break in the clouds to step into the moonlight. For them, it is a very enjoyable experience in itself.
    Aranka Toniatti, a cancer patient who has driven from Colorado twice to stand in the moonlight, said it is "a gorgeous feeling".
    "You feel almost like you are in heaven," she said.
    - Reuters

    Interstellar Light Collector

    Augustus 2007
    August 19, 2007,
    The Courier

    BATH - - Four-year-old McKinley Gregg began her assault on a slice of watermelon with a large chomp, then settled in for the long haul with a series of wellplaced nibbles.
    Her tactics paid off as the 2007 Steuben County Fair opened its annual watermelon eating contest Wednesday. Gregg finished first in her 4-5-year-old class of girls (boys compete in their own classes) and won a "Read Along" set of books and CD, plus a coloring book, compliments of sponsor P & C Foods.
    It was the first-ever watermelon eating contest for Gregg, a resident of Massachusetts who is visiting her relatives, Barbara and Bob Gregg of Hammondsport. "I don't like the seeds very well," she said after the competition. Asked if she had swallowed any, she replied, "I think."
    The question of how to deal with seeds is probably on the mind of just about every watermelon eating contest competitor. Seven-year-old Chelsea Hernandez, who won the girls' 6-7-year-old division, is comfortable swallowing the white seeds.
    "Only the black seeds," she said when asked which seeds need propelling.
    Hernandez, a 7-year-old New Jersey native, attends the county fair on a regular basis, visiting her aunt, Aranka Gonzalez of Prattsburgh. Her grandmother, Kathy Lorincz, said the family enjoys the rural peacefulness of Steuben County in the summer.
    "It's quiet, it's slow paced. Compared to Jersey," her grandmother said.
    Hernandez said she competed in the watermelon eating contest the previous two years and this is her first victory. "I feel really good," she said. "I just stuffed my face in it."
    The annual watermelon eating contest features 10 ageand gender-based divisions. As Hernandez reflected on her victory the sounds of the boys' 6-7-year-old division could be heard in the background. "Faster! Faster," parents and coaches chanted.
    It's the sort of competition that encourages great watermelon eaters to return every year to Steuben County. "I've been here was I was 2 and 1," recalled 4-year-old McKinley Gregg. She couldn't remember what happened the year she was 3, but she knows what's going to happen next year, when she's 5.
    "I'll be back," she said.

    The Leader

    Gabriel charged with Aranka murder
    Saturday, August 11th 2007,

    A Lodge man who allegedly shot another in the forehead during an argument in a shop at Aranka Backdam, Middle Mazaruni several days ago yesterday ap-peared in the Georgetown Magistrate's Court charged with murder.

    Errol Lawrence King called Gabriel, 47, of Lot 43 Durban Street, Lodge was not required to plead and was remanded to prison by Magistrate Gordon Gilhuys.

    It is alleged that on Monday, King murdered Alvin Adams Anthony, a resident of Silvertown, Wismar, Linden.

    Reports are that on the day in question, Anthony, 22, was sitting in a shop looking through the window when he saw King standing about a foot away with a gun in his hand. They had an exchange of words before King allegedly shot him in the forehead. Anthony died at the Aranka Landing while awaiting transportation to take him for medical attention at the Bartica Hospital.

    Attorney-at-law Adrian Thompson entered an appearance for King. Thompson told the court that from all the evidence given it was an accident. He stated that he understands that this is what the witnesses in this matter had indicated to the police.

    The case continues on August 14 at the Bartica Magistrate's Court.

    Joseph hopeful's dream is realised
    Saturday 11th August 2007,

    NORTH-EAST teenage singing sensation Lewis Bradley's dream is about to come true after all.

    The 18-year-old, from Nunthorpe, Middlesbrough, came third on the BBC show Any Dream Will Do earlier this year, but it has now been confirmed that he will play the lead role in the West End production of Joseph.

    Lewis will stand in for the show's winner, Lee Mead, for 25 performances at London's Adelphi Theatre next year, while he takes a break from the busy schedule.

    Fans will have to wait until January for his first appearance in the technicolour dreamcoat, but in the meantime he will be undertaking a nationwide tour as the male lead in Chicago and Beyond, an anthology show covering all the great musicals.

    Lewis was hard at work in rehearsals for the new show yesterday, but his mother, Aranka Bradley, told The Northern Echo: "He is over the moon to be appearing in Joseph - he is thrilled.

    "He went to have his wig and costume fitted on Thursday, and he's really looking forward to it.
    . . .

    Moore Park Art Show is revived
    Friday, August 10, 2007,

    PARIS - It has been 40 years since it started and 37 years since it ended. The Moore Park Art Show is back. Saturday, Aug. 11, the park will be filled with works by artists from around Maine for the first time since 1970.

    "Moore Park is a beautiful park and absolutely a nice place for an art show" said Lee Bean, who organized the first show in 1967 for the Western Maine Art Group, which produced the outdoor art shows with support from community groups.

    All told, 40 artists are expected to show their works from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Providing music for the event will be Denny Breau, Mary Ukelady and The Hillsman Chorus.

    A Best in Show award will be given, along with other monetary awards for second and third place.

    Judging will be author, photographer and artisan Murad Sayen of Paris; multimedia artist Robert Parker of the New England and Montserrat Schools of Art; and WMAG President Aranka Matolcsy.

    For more information, call Paris Parks and Recreation Director Stacey Tibbetts at 743-2501, or e-mail:

    Police checking report of Mazaruni shooting death
    Tuesday, August 7th 2007,

    A team of policemen has been dispatched to Aranka, Middle Mazaruni following a report of a shooting incident during which a man reportedly died.

    A statement from the law enforcement authorities stated that around 10 am yesterday police receive a report of a shooting incident that allegedly occurred at Aranka Back Dam. It was further reported that the male victim died at the Aranka Landing, while awaiting transportation to receive medical attention. A team of ranks, the statement said has been sent to the area to conduct investigations.

    Meanwhile, police at Aroaima Mines Dyke area, Berbice River, have uncovered an unlicensed firearm in the possession of a man and a male juvenile. Police in a press release stated that around 5.50 pm last Friday, ranks on foot patrol stopped and searched the two who were acting suspiciously and found an unlicensed 20-gauge shotgun in their possession.

    They are in police custody and charges will be laid shortly.

    Juli 2007
    Aranka says ‘Hello!’
    July 28th, 2007 — Mark,

    Howdy Folks,
    I got a txt/email from Aranka the other day, asking me to tell you that she says ‘Hello!’ and that she is working on the photo tasks some of you gave her in her blog.
    That is all.

    Off I go!
    Posted by Aranka on July 19th, 2007,

    . . .
    I could go on and on with useless bull, but I’ll end with a picture of my grandma and I. I took it last week when she came to Utrecht with my dad. Did I mention she’s 88 and still lives on her own? In a flat by the sea

    granny and aranka

    Nazi victim heirs want Klimt, Nolde paintings back
    Tue Jul 17, 2007,

    By Boris Groendahl and Alexandra Zawadil
    VIENNA (Reuters) - The heirs of two Nazi victims are demanding the Austrian city of Linz return paintings by art nouveau master Gustav Klimt and expressionist Emil Nolde which they say were stolen by the Nazis, their lawyer said.
    The latest in a string of Nazi restitution cases in Austria was made public by the heirs' lawyer Alfred Noll after two years of lobbying in private, because he said the Linz city council was dragging its feet and he feared the case was going nowhere.
    "The goal is to free the paintings from Linz," Noll told Reuters on Tuesday. "I have tried first to settle the issue directly with those responsible. But this has been going on for two years now and it's going nowhere."
    Mayor Franz Dobusch said in a statement Linz would step up an investigation into the paintings' ownership.
    "The city of Linz is not trying to violently defend a picture, but it aims to determine objectively whether there is a case for restituting them," Dobusch said in a statement.
    Klimt paintings looted by the Nazis and later reclaimed by the heirs of their original owners have fetched record prices recently. His "Adele Bloch-Bauer I" portrait was sold for a then record $135 million last year.
    The Klimt painting in Linz is an unfinished portrait of Ria Munk, the daughter of an Austrian Jewish industrialist. Her family commissioned it after Ria committed suicide in 1911, said Sophie Lillie, an expert on art seized by the Nazis.
    Klimt finished the portrait of Ria on her deathbed and was then asked for another showing her alive, Lillie said. He died before he completed the second portrait. Ria's mother Aranka Munk kept only the unfinished work in her holiday villa.
    The Nazis seized the painting in 1941 when Aranka Munk was deported to Lodz in what is now Poland, where the Litzmannstadt concentration camp was based. She died soon after.
    According to Lillie, Linz first considered acquiring the painting in 1953 from a collection known to include artworks seized by the Nazis, but the city official in charge noted on the file: "Jewish property! Subject to clearance!"
    But Linz bought the painting anyway in a second round of purchases from the collection three years later.
    Lawyer Noll is representing around a dozen Munk heirs in Europe and the United States. He expected the painting to be sold due to the large number of heirs.
    The Nolde painting, dated 1915 and called "May Meadow", was owned by Jewish physician Fred Julius of Hamburg, a major patron of Nolde's "Bruecke" (Bridge) group.
    The oil painting disappeared en route to his home in exile in Switzerland in 1939, Lillie said. Linz bought it in 1953 from another collector known to trade in artworks seized by the Nazis, she added.
    Noll's clients for the Nolde painting are two Julius heirs based in Britain.
    (Additional reporting by Eva Komarek)

    Heirs want Austrian city to return paintings seized by Nazis, lawyer says

    VIENNA, Austria (AP) - A city in northern Austria should return two paintings seized by the Nazis to the heirs of their former owners, a lawyer said Tuesday.
    The paintings, by Gustav Klimt and Emil Nolde, are currently at a museum in Linz, a city about 30 kilometers (19 miles) south of the Czech border.
    In an interview with The Associated Press, Vienna lawyer Alfred Noll said the Linz city council was not doing what it should to look into the matter _ and that he had no choice but to go public.
    In a statement, the city of Linz said it has been trying for years to determine the origin of works in its collections and that it would «intensify» its research in the fall.
    «Mayor Franz Dobusch stresses that the city of Linz does not want to forcefully defend a painting but rather it should objectively be determined whether there is a case for restitution,» said the statement, posted on the city's Web site.
    Deputy Mayor Erich Watzl was quoted by Austrian broadcaster ORF as saying that the matter would be «sensitively and seriously» checked.
    The Klimt work in question is an unfinished, commissioned painting of Ria Munk, the daughter of a Jewish industrialist who, as a young woman, committed suicide in 1911.
    According to the newspaper Der Standard, the painting was seized by the Nazis after Aranka Munk, Ria's mother, was deported to Lodz, Poland, in 1941, where she perished shortly thereafter. Linz acquired the painting in 1956.
    Noll declined to comment on the worth of the painting but noted it was of interest to art historians because, in its unfinished state, it reveals how Klimt worked.
    The other painting once belonged to Otto Siegfried Julius, a doctor who fled to Switzerland from the German city of Hamburg in 1938, Noll said. His art collection _ including the Nolde work _ was sent to Switzerland in 1939 but never made it. Julius died in New York in 1967, Der Standard reported. Linz acquired the work from a Salzburg gallery owner in 1953.
    The «fact is that there was no legal change of ownership before 1945,» Noll said, while acknowledging that the Nolde case was «more complicated.

    The current dispute marks the latest in a series of restitution cases in recent years.
    Last year, Austria handed over five painting by Gustav Klimt to Maria Altmann of Los Angeles and other family members following a seven-year legal battle. An arbitration court had ruled that they were improperly seized when the Nazis took over the country.
    Austria has returned hundreds of works to their rightful owners or heirs _ most of them Jewish _ under a 1998 culture property restitution law.

    Stroke of genius Norway artist combines simplicity with complex detail to capture scenes of everyday life
    Wednesday, July 11, 2007,

    Aranka Matolcsy photo
    Artist Duncan Slade works on one of his signature "monochromes" in his Norway studio.
    Stroke of genius Norway artist combines simplicity with complex detail to capture scenes of everyday life
    Duncan Slade will be recognized at Matolcsy Arts Center gallery opening

    NORWAY - His work as been described as "humanscapes" and his compelling subject matter is rarely more than a block or two from his studio. Norway artist Duncan Slade, whose unique ability to capture everyday life captures the attention of all who view his paintings, will be honored Friday, July 13, at a gallery opening at the Matolcsy Arts Center.
    "Honoring Duncan Slade: A Retrospective" will open with a reception 5 to 8 the 480 Main The public is invited to celebrate the artistic journey of Slade's long life as well as the first gallery opening at the Matolcsy Arts Center in two years.
    The galley will be open from 5 to 8 p.m. Thursday and Friday, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday and from 2 to 6 p.m. Sunday for the duration of the Slade show.
    "Paint as you like and die happy," one of Slade's favorite sayings immortalized by writer Henry Miller, explains much of the motivation behind the choice of his subjects.
    His paintings are snapshots of everyday life captured on canvas with oil paint. Many of his subjects are simply interesting combinations of people and vehicles on Main Street in Norway or Market Square in South Paris on any given day. It may be the way rays of sunlight strike the Opera House clock tower in Norway while an antique truck drives by, or it could be a Camaro parked in front of Longley's hardware store adorned with fancy flower boxes.
    The simplicity of his subjects juxtaposed with the complexity of details integrated into each piece and his choice of vibrant colors are trademarks of Slade, whose work is admired by buyers and art appreciators from all over New England.
    "The Western Maine Art Group (which owns and runs the Matolcsy Arts Center and founded the Annual Norway Sidewalk Art Show) - I realize really gave me the confidence to go onto everything I've done. I owe it a lot," said Slade, noting that winning his first Best of Show in the 1979 Norway Sidewalk Art Show enabled him to go public as an artist.
    His exhibition credits include Lajos Matolcsy Arts Center, Norway; Greenhut Gallery, Portland; L/A Arts, Lewiston; Beeker Gallery, St. Mary's Hospital; the Atrium Gallery, Lewiston-Auburn College in Lewiston; and numerous juried shows throughout New England.
    Throughout his art career Slade has received numerous awards for his work, including seven Best of Shows in the Portland Art Festival, plus many purchase awards.
    Slade's highlights of life accomplishments are as colorful as his paintings.
    In the 1940s the Norway artist worked as a Congressional clerk and entered the U.S. Marine Corps, reaching the rank of major and earning a distinguished Flying Cross as a pilot in the South Pacific. He later went on to become a product design supervisor at Uniroyal Inc., where he was awarded seven patents. Slade also taught art in Brooklyn and Connecticut and at Oxford Hills Junior High School. He was nominated Maine Teacher of the Year in 1983.
    For more information, contact the Western Maine Art Group, 739-6161 or e mail

    Wolf and Aranka -The Sky's Tears
    Tuesday, July 10, 2007,

    We recently went to a slew of old age homes in the Waterbury area . . .
    The last one was a classy joint, an assisted living residence ( 'A Golden Age Resort') as opposed to the slew of drab convalescent homes we had visited earlier.
    There were two apartments with Jewish residents.
    The first belonged to one Ruth, a sprightly 92 year old.
    We spoke of life growing up in New Haven and later her marriage to a man from Waterbury. A real fighter, she said that when she moved into the home one of the residents made an antisemitic remark to her, so she gave it to the would be bigot over the head . . . with a laugh she added, 'He's dead now anyway.'
    We asked her if she lit Shabbos candles,
    "No . . . I used to, but I can't light any fires here. I do smoke though -even if its against the rules." An impish smile spread across her face, "I'm not going to quit either, it's the only pleasure I have in the morning. I've been smoking since I was sixteen years old -used to sneak a smoke from my father's pocket. Would you take away the only pleasure of a ninety-two year old woman?"
    She told us of the disappointment she felt over the lack of reverence her children had for their Jewish tradition . . . and the direction in which the world was heading,
    'My great granddaughter is beautiful child -but she is an absolute flirt, and she's only three . . . and that scares me, with the world that we live and how things will be and all.'
    We told her that her every action teaches volumes to her children.

    Next we went to the apartment of Wolf and Aranka Z.
    Both survivors, they made for a very cute couple . . .
    What was even more interesting were their nationalities -for Wolf was born Sosnowiec, Polska, Aranka in Hungary . . .
    The icing on the cake, though was the fact that I was in Poland (or at least that's what they tell me), and Mendel was in Hugary.
    Mendel leaned over to the aged Aranka,
    "Megköszön I-sten"
    "What?" she called out, "I can't hear you."
    "I said Megköszön I-sten"
    "Oh, Megköszön I-sten! You speak some Hungarian? I speak Hungarian -Wolf he speaks Hungarian from when he was in Hungary!"
    Giving it a shot, I turned to Wolf,
    "Dzien Dobry!"
    "Oh, you speak Polish? Jak sie Pan ma?"
    "Dzieki B-g!"
    We both broke out in laughter.
    "So what are the Polak'en like? Have they changed in the past sixty years?"
    "You mean they're still foolish? I remember they would curse out a Jew, but when a Jew passed away they would stand by the funeral with great reverence -they would take off their hats un mach di tzielem mit di hent! Such narunim!"
    We laughed some more.

    Wolf, the more vigorous of the two was very outspoken about the need to learn about the past, about the Holocaust.
    As we spoke the sky began to pour -a deluge of rain, so thick that it was difficult to see out the window. The sky's tears for the past.
    As our conversation ended, however, the rain stopped . . . and the sun came out

    Aranka and Ha

    aranka and ha
    Uploaded on July 1, 2007

    Juni 2007

    Activist says he'll bring nudity to sidewalk sale
    Saturday, June 30, 2007 ,

    By Leslie H. Dixon , Staff Writer
    NORWAY - The fight continues for Aaron Fuda and his Fudafest.

    At noon on Saturday, July 7, a group of what Fuda describes as "very pissed-off citizens" will march into town carrying protest signs against the Iraq War, President George W. Bush, and marijuana and nudity laws. As they make their way to Butters Park at the head of Main Street, where they have been assigned as part of the Downtown Festival activities, Fuda promises there will be open marijuana smoking and nude streakers.

    "I fought the law and the law made more law. So the fight continues forever, as we the people will never stop drumming or smoking weed," promised the organizer of the annual Fudafest in an e-mail to the Sun Journal.

    Police Chief Robert Federico said he is not concerned.

    "If someone does something illegal, he's going to jail. If he wants to be a martyr, he can be a martyr," the chief said Friday.

    Fudafest, or Fully Unclothes Dancing Activism Festival, is described by its founder on the Fudafest Web site as "a clothing-optional protest against unjust laws, especially marijuana laws." The 39-year-old Norway resident said he began the festival in 1992 on his McKay Road property in hopes of "bringing the hippies, punks and metal heads together to fight for their rights. Their right to party, dance and be naked."

    The affair immediately attracted notice by police. About a dozen years ago, nearly 50 law enforcement officers led by the Maine State Police Tactical Team surrounded some 400 festival-goers and searched them for illegal substances. Since that time, local police have locked horns with the group on occasion.

    Federico said in 2005 that Fuda had four convictions that range from possession of a scheduled drug to marijuana cultivation since 1986.

    This year, local officials said they tried to work out a better plan so that the festival could continue without disruption to anyone. But Fuda said he is not happy that he is no longer able to have ceremonial drumming and a peaceful gathering at his house.

    "The town of Norway has made a law that is unconstitutional, making FudaFest illegal," said Fuda in his e-mail. "The constitution gives us the right to peacefully protest laws and does not make limits on many people or how late the noise is. If we don't make noise then you don't hear us do you?"

    While Fuda did not specify what law he was referring to, Norway recently passed an outdoor festival ordinance that, under certain conditions, regulates outdoor festivals through a permitting process.

    Town Manager David Holt said Fuda has not applied for a permit.

    "We've been working with them ongoing since last year," Holt said. "We've been working with them to voluntarily submit an application anyway. If they didn't have the event here, obviously it wouldn't be necessary."

    Aranka Matolcsy, coordinator of the Norway Summer Festival, said she offered the group a site at Butters Park from 1 to 3 p.m. Saturday, July 7, to display their ceremonial drumming and puppets.

    "I'm very positive about the whole situation," she said. "I'm glad they're willing to participate as a performing group. I think they've drawn the distinction between the festival and the town."

    Fuda said they will protest for three hours this year, but he intends to make next year "a bigger deal."

    "I bought this land to have ceremonial drumming when I want to, which according to tradition is all night long," Fuda said. "There will be puppets, signs, drums and crazy costumes. If we can't do this at my own home, then we will do this every year downtown, and each year it will get bigger and louder, I promise."

    Norway Summer Festival Denny Breau, Art Moves, poets, puppets and others will perform
    Friday, June 29, 2007,

    NORWAY - Well-known musician Denny Breau and his band will headline the Norway Summer Festival's street dance after the Norway Sidewalk Art Show on Saturday, July 7. Richard Felt's Orchestra will open for Breau with its signature traditional dance music.

    More than three dozen local and regional performers and musicians will entertain at the eclectic festival. Highlights include the Mellie Dunham fiddle jam, Poets on the Porch, puppetry performance art, a mime and juggling demo and workshop, a drumming performance, and more.

    Also as part of the festivities, Art Moves Dance Project will present a performance from 6 to 8 p.m. Friday, July 6, and another from 10 a.m. to noon Saturday, July 7, on the outdoor stage behind the Town Office. Performing Friday will be Art Moves Dance Company and the Ballroom of Harrison. Taking the stage on Saturday will be the teen troupe and others. If it rains, performances will held at Art Moves Dance Studio, 13 Cottage St.

    For more information or if you are interested in dancing, contact Charles Howes at 233-8155 or; or log on to

    The juried sidewalk art show features paintings, photography, wood and metal sculpture, fiber arts, glass work, and jewelry. Three festivalgoers will have the chance to win a $200 piece of art.

    The son of professional recording artists Hal Lone Pine and Betty Cody, Breau has music in his blood. Using just six strings of a guitar and a velvety voice, he has taken listeners on a journey through country, blues, folk and jazz for more than 30 years.

    He recently released a solo album, "This Side of Folk," and continues to perform as a solo artist and with his band. He will appear at the festival with Tom Zicarelli on saxophone; Jim McLaughlin on piano; Frank Coffin on bass; and Brian Hodgman on drums.

    The street dance will take place from 6 to 10 p.m. in the parking area behind Fare Share Market at 443 Main St. This is a chem-free event.

    For more information, call festival coordinator Aranka Matolcsy at 739-6161, or e-mail

    Aranka and Guyana Goldfields start drilling near Cuyuni
    Sunday, June 24th 2007,

    Aranka Gold and Guyana Goldfields have announced that they have started drilling at the Aranka group of properties near the Cuyuni River after sampling and tests yielded positive results.

    Two drills have been mobilized to the eastern target area and the initial 2,000-metre drill programme is expected to be completed in six to seven weeks.

    The companies are jointly exploring the area on a 50/50 basis with Aranka Gold acting as the operator of the project.

    According to a statement from the companies, the properties comprise exclusive exploration rights to a contiguous 276,000 (approximate) acres land package, which includes and encompasses highly favourable geological structures amenable to gold mineralization as well as many areas of historical gold workings.

    The companies have conducted aerial geophysical surveys as well as the initial geological mapping and sampling of selected areas and have reported that two areas of historical workings have returned multiple high grade sampling results.

    The companies will split total expenditure on a 50/50 basis. Guyana Goldfields will assist Aranka by providing valuable logistical and technical support which has been developed by ten years of ongoing exploration in the country of Guyana.

    According to the companies' press release, the properties that are the subject matter of the exercise are known as the Arangoy target area, the Raskassa target area, the Wynamu/Kalaloo target area, the Imotai target area, the Minabaru target area, the Maple Creek/New Workings target area and the Aranka (Red Hill) target area.

    Guyana Goldfields Incorporated is a Canada-based mineral exploration company primarily focused on the exploration and development of gold deposits in the Guiana Shield of South America. It holds advanced exploration projects in various stages of development and has been operating in Guyana continuously since 1996. Guyana Goldfields currently has approximately Cdn$30 million in cash and no debt.

    Guyana Goldfields has been active in Guyana for about ten years, and it started a 10,000-metre drilling in early 2004. In June 2004, it discovered a very highly mineralized deposit at Rory's Knoll, part of the Aurora complex of deposits.

    The company is publicly listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange and has a market capitalisation of US$128M. Its ownership includes institutional and individual investors; the largest shareholders are Robert McEwen with 11.4% and Patrick Sheridan (Company CEO) with 6.1%.

    Over the past months, a number of other gold mining and diamond exploration companies have been carrying out tests and analyses with the hope of making an economically viable find. Among these are Strata Gold, Sacre-Coeur Minerals and Vannessa Ventures.

    Aranka Gold Inc./Guyana Goldfields Inc. Announce Commencement of Drilling at Aranka
    Jun 20, 2007,

    TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - June 20, 2007) - Aranka Gold Inc. (TSX VENTURE:ARK) and Guyana Goldfields Inc. (TSX:GUY) (The Companies) are pleased to report the commencement of drilling at the Aranka group of properties. The properties are comprised of exclusive exploration rights to a contiguous 276,000 (approximate) acre land package which includes and encompasses highly favourable geological structures amenable to gold mineralization as well as many areas of historical gold workings. The Companies are jointly exploring the area on a 50/50 basis with Aranka Gold Inc. acting as the operator of the project.

    The Companies have conducted airborne geophysical surveys as well as the initial geological mapping and sampling of selected areas. Two areas of historical workings have returned multiple high grade sampling results from initial grab and channel sampling. Two drills have been mobilized to the eastern target area and drilling is ongoing. The initial 2,000 metre drill program is expected to be completed in six to seven weeks.

    About Guyana Goldfields
    Guyana Goldfields Inc is a Canadian based mineral exploration Company primarily focused on the exploration and development of gold deposits in the Guiana Shield of South America. The Guiana Shield is in the northern part of the Amazon Craton and covers parts of Guyana, Venezuela, Suriname, French Guyana and northern Brazil.

    The Company holds advanced exploration projects in various stages of development and has been operating in Guyana continuously since 1996.

    The Company currently has approximately (CDN) $30 million in cash and no debt.

    Aranka Gold Inc.

    Lazy Hazy Crazy Days of Summer
    Wednesday, June 20, 2007,

    Mary has a post about summer songs and "Lazy Hazy Crazy Days of Summer" by Nat King Cole is an old summer song that came to mind for me. Nat King Cole, the Mills Brothers and the Harmonicats were huge favorites of my Mom and Dad and having those songs run through my mind bring back such wonderful memories. I think that's why I REALLY enjoy Larry's Songbird Lyrics Game at The Brownstone Birder. If you like music at all stop over there and have a go at the game.

    . . .
    I think I mentioned before that we have a visitor from Germany staying with us. Aranka lived with us 9 years ago as an exchange student and attended Cooper High School as a senior. It was an amazing year for us all, full of fun, challenge and growth. John was in pre-school and Molly was in kindergarten. Aranka was here for Molly's first day of kindergarten and happily was here for her graduation from eighth grade. Here are my two girls- Molly and her German sister Aranka.

    Molly and her German sister Aranka

    Lewis' dream comes to an end
    Saturday 9th June 2007,
    By Karen Westcott

    TEENAGE singing sensation Lewis Bradley fought back tears tonight after losing the chance to play the lead role in the West End show Joseph.
    But the 18-year-old, who was among the last three in the BBC1's Any Dream Will Do, was told he certainly had a successful stage career ahead of him.
    Lee Meads, 25, from Southend, won the competition which attracted three million phone votes on the night.
    Lewis, from Nunthorpe, Middlesbrough, was the youngest contestant to make it through to the final 12, who were all hoping to win the lead role in Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical.
    And despite one of his finest performances tonight, singing Prince's Kiss and the big band classic Beyond the Sea, he was voted out in favour of Lee and Keith Jack.
    Mr Lloyd Webber said: "You were fantastic. You have made the biggest journey of anyone else on this programme."
    And after Lewis was voted off, Mr Lloyd Webber added: "It was absolutely wonderful what you did and you will be in the West End."
    Lewis, who left Nunthorpe School at 13 to attend the Italia Conti stage school in London, was visibly upset that he was out of the final.
    He said: "I can't even speak. Thank you everybody - it's been absolutely amazing."
    Panelist and actor John Barrowman had said earlier in the night after watching Lewis perform: "Showman, showman, showman."
    And panelist and theatre producer Bill Kenwright criticised those young people who had bullied Lewis as a child because of his love for singing and dancing.
    He said: "More than anyone else in this competition, you are a winner and you are a man.
    "I hope those idiots in Middlesbrough, who bullied you at school, are feeling like that (small).
    Lewis' mother, Aranka, brother Niall, sister Amelia, grandparents Bela and Jean Szili, and father-figure Barry Oliver, were all in the studio to support him.
    His mother had said earlier this week: "Whether he wins the final or not, he is already a winner. His life won't be the same now. Lewis has not even reached his peak yet. He has it all to come."

    Lewis is hoping to see an amazing dream come true
    Wednesday 6th June 2007,

    YOUNG singing sensation Lewis Bradley celebrated his 18th birthday yesterday and quite literally had the celebrity world at his feet.

    For the teenager, who is in the final of BBC1's search for a new star Any Dream Will Do on Saturday, celebrated his coming of age in Majorca with none other than theatre legend Andrew Lloyd Webber.

    The first prize is the lead role in a West End stage production of Joseph and his Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat.

    Lewis, from Nunthorpe in Middlesbrough, spoke exclusively to The Northern Echo from Spain, where he is enjoying two days' relaxation during rehearsals.

    One of only three contestants left in the TV show, he said making it so far in the competition had been a dream come true.
    "Rehearsals are going really, really well, " he said.
    "I'm in Majorca at the moment and it's lovely. If someone had told me in January I would be here with these people, I would have said 'as if'.
    "I'm just really looking forward to the final. I don't feel as though I have ever completed anything in my life before - but I have this time - it's great."

    Lewis, who attended Nun-thorpe School until he was 13, when he won a place at the Italia Conti Stage School, in London, said he was excited about the future.

    "It's such a big achievement for me. I stand just as much chance as anybody else at winning, but, if I don't win, hopefully something else will come out of it.
    "I know the support from home has been amazing and I'm really grateful. I wish I could see it for myself."

    Lewis' mother, Aranka Bradley, 43, his brother Niall Bradley, 20, and sister Amelia Oliver, 12, have been travelling to London to see him perform, along with his grandparents, Jean and Bela Szili, and his mother's partner, Barry Oliver.

    Mrs Bradley said they were all thrilled for Lewis, but believed regardless of the outcome on Saturday, her son was already a winner for making it into the final.
    "I always knew Lewis was going to make it one day," said Mrs Bradley.
    He started singing and dancing at the age of four, so his nanna paid for him to go to classes and, since then, it is all he wanted to do.
    "When Lewis was at school here, he was beaten up and bullied because he was into dancing, but look where he is now.
    "It never stopped him, and he says it made him who he is today.
    "We are a normal family and Lewis does not come from a money family, so it hasn't been easy, but we are all so very proud of him.
    "No matter what happens on Saturday, I don't think life is ever going to be the same again for him."

    Coronation Minerals Inc.: New President/Board Changes and Proposed Financing
    TORONTO, ONTARIO--(CCNMatthews - June 1, 2007),

    Coronation Minerals Inc. (TSX VENTURE:CMV) (the "Company") is pleased to announce the following planned changes to management and the Board of Directors. The Company has called an annual meeting of shareholders to be held on July 31, 2007 in Toronto, Canada.

    Mr. Peter W. Holmes has agreed to step down as President and has agreed to be replaced on an interim basis by Mr. J. Patrick Sheridan. Mr. Sheridan is currently President and CEO of Aranka Gold Inc. and Guyana Goldfields Inc. Guyana Goldfields Inc. presently holds 10,273,500 shares of Coronation Minerals Inc. which represents 18% of the issued and outstanding shares of the Company as well as warrants to purchase an additional 1,840,000 common shares. Guyana Goldfields Inc. is also Coronation's Joint Venture partner on Coronation's Coppermine River Property located in Nunavut, Canada.
    Lees verder op / more on: Marketwire

    Mei 2007

    27 May 2007,
    TV JOSEPH wannabe Lewis Bradley refused to give up on his dream of winning the stage role despite CRUEL BULLYING.
    The 17-year-old was taunted and given nose-busting beatings while growing up because he preferred singing and dancing to football.
    The blond teenager from Middlesbrough - who reached the last five on the BBC's Any Dream Will Do - revealed: "I have worked so hard to be here.
    "Being from Boro, I never fitted in because all the other lads played football. And because I was different, I was bullied.
    "I knew what I wanted to do, but that's not what's expected of you in an area like Teesside.
    "But I never wavered. I followed my dream. I didn't let anybody put me down.
    "I just hope what I'm achieving now will be an inspiration for other Teesside youngsters."
    At 11, Lewis was in the final 15 for the film Billy Elliot - a lead role clinched by fellow Teessider Jamie Bell. He later won a place at - London's Italia Conti stage school.
    Lewis is cheered on every week by mum Aranka, brother Naill, 20, and 12-year-old sister Amelia.
    But his staunchest supporter is his gran Jean Szilil, 65, who said: "I took him to the theatre when he was just a toddler. Now it's him up on stage.
    "He had his nose bust a few times at school but he has come through and we are all proud of him."
    Lewis narrowly escaped the chop last week after being in the bottom two with Daniel Boys, who was sent home.

    And then 6 months flew by
    27 mei,
    Yep, I am still alive. The latest update was last year, that is six months ago. It is amazing to notice that time really can fly. Nothing much happened the last period. Except for some things. I also put some pictures in the new album on this blog.

    We celibrated Easter at my mom's house. 25 people came to visit. A lot of work, but really fun. We do not do this often, but it is great to be together with the family. Talking about family.
    We had a family day a couple of weeks ago. That was really fun. Ik had a great time chatting with everybody. The family day was planned with all the cousins and nieces. Our family lives throughout the country so we do not see eachother on a regular bases. So we had a lot to talk about. We went to the African Museum. There you can walk in live size villages that are copies of houses in different parts of Africa. We walked through Ghana and Kenia. In the afternoon they had a dancing group from Africa. Great dancing.

    After the familyday we celibrated mothersday. That was fun. My mother and I went to my brothers house to stay for the weekend. After sleeping late (if possible with two little kids....) and a great breakfast, we went to the Apenheul. That is a zoo-like park where monkeys run free. So not all the monkeys are in cages. It is not allowed to eat or drink there and you get a special 'monkeyfree' bag to put your thing in. It was great, you can also see some pictures in the album.
    Right around that time in the zoo in Rotterdam the male gorilla Bokito run loose. He attacked a woman. I just saw another big male gorilla at the Apenheul. And believe me, they are big!

    Then I got email from Sonia. My dear friend who lives in the States. It was great hearing from her. She celibrated her birthday recently. I was sorry I could not be there, but the States is just a little bit too far to go to for a birthday. But I really intent to go back someday to see how she and her family is doing. Tararan! (That's for you Sonia!)

    In the mean time I am preparring for my journey to China and Tibet. I am really looking forward to this (not to the shots though!)
    I will go in august and stay away for a month. Can't wait!


    April 2007

    Guyana Goldfields and Aranka Gold Announce the Exercise of Back-In Agreement Rights
    APRIL 30, 2007,
    TORONTO, ONTARIO--(CCNMatthews - April 30, 2007) - Guyana Goldfields (Guyana Goldfields) (TSX:GUY) and Aranka Gold Inc. (Aranka) (TSX VENTURE:ARK) are pleased to announce the exercise by Guyana Goldfields of the previously announced back-in agreement executed and delivered in 2005. As announced on October 20, 2005 the terms of the back-in agreement entitle Guyana Goldfields to acquire a 50% interest in all exploration areas held by Aranka by paying 125% of total expenditures on the properties, which is approximately CDN$1,900,000. The exercise of the back-in right is subject to receipt of requisite regulatory approvals, including without limitations the approval of the TSX Venture Exchange.
    Going forward the companies will split total expenditures on a 50/50 basis. Guyana Goldfields will assist Aranka by providing valuable logistical and technical support which has been developed by ten years of ongoing exploration in the country of Guyana.
    The properties that are the subject matter of the exercise of the back in right are known as the Arangoy target area, the Raskassa target area, the Wynamu/Kalaloo target area, the Imotai target area, the Minabaru target area, the Maple Creek/New Workings target area and the Aranka (Red Hill) target area. The southern boundary of the Aranka district is located approximately eighteen miles ENE of the current base camp of Guyana Goldfields' Aurora Project. The geology of the Aranka district appears to be similar to that of the Aurora district. Aerial reconnaissance as well as historical reports indicate that the area hosts several significant areas of historical gold workings, the oldest of which date back to the original Pigeon Island gold rush of 1912 in which up to 5000 men were working in the southern part of the field. Gold mineralization appears to be closely related to the margins and main body of a granitic intrusive and into metamorphosed acid and basic volcanic rocks. Aranka and Guyana plan an aggressive exploration program for the Aranka District targets.
    John Patrick Sheridan is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Aranka and controls directly or indirectly approximately 24% of the issued and outstanding shares of Aranka. John Patrick Sheridan is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Guyana. An independent committee of the board of directors of Guyana comprised of individuals who are at arm's length to John Patrick Sheridan, Aranka and the board of directors of Aranka, was formed to evaluate the exercise of the back-in right and to recommend to the board of directors of Guyana whether to exercise such right. After a full consideration of the advantages and disadvantages of the exercise of such right, the independent committee unanimously recommended to the board that the back-in right be exercised.
    About Guyana Goldfields Inc.
    Guyana Goldfields Inc is a Canadian based mineral exploration company primarily focused on the exploration and development of gold deposits in the Guiana Shield of South America. The Guiana Shield is in the northern part of the Amazon Craton and covers parts of Guyana, Venezuela, Suriname, French Guyana and northern Brazil.
    Guyana holds advanced exploration projects in various stages of development and has been operating in Guyana continuously since 1996. Guyana currently has approximately (CDN) $30 million in cash and no debt.
    Additional Information
    Information is available on Guyana's website at and on and by contacting:
    Suite 301-141 Adelaide St. WestToronto, ON, CanadaM5H 3L5Attention: John Patrick Sheridan President & C.E.O.
    About Aranka Gold Inc.:
    Aranka is a junior exploration company focusing on early stage gold exploration in the Guiana Shield.
    The TSX Venture Exchange has in no way passed upon the merits of the proposed transaction and has neither approved nor disapproved the contents of this press release.

    Welcome to my Translation Services website
    april 13, 2007
    My name is Aranka Chodnicki. I am a native Polish language speaker, permanently living in UK. High level of education and experience gave me an extensive knowledge of a multi-faced translation subject. I offer translation at very competitive rates. Please feel free to view my resume for further details.
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