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  •   December 2007
    200 lives shattered in Côte des Neiges
    Thursday, December 20,

    Aktar Ahmed, his wife and their four children are living in temporary shelter for the second time in three years.
    Their three-bedroom apartment on the top floor of a three-storey building at 4375 de Courtrai Ave., near Lavoie St., in the Côte des Neiges district, was severely damaged in a fire that sent 200 people into the street Tuesday.
    "This was the master bedroom," Ahmed, 35, said while surveying the damage yesterday morning. "Look - everything is finished."
    The master bedroom and the bathroom bore the brunt of the damage as firefighters tore up the walls and the roof to prevent flames from spreading from the neighbouring building.
    In the kitchen and the living room, water from the firefighting operation had turned to ice, making the floors slippery.
    Ahmed and his wife, who moved from Bangladesh in 1998, have sons age 24, 7 and 6, and a daughter age 17. They have been living in the building since 1999 and this is the second time in three years it has caught fire.
    "The last time this happened, it was the other side of the apartment that was damaged," Ahmed said. "We were in temporary housing for six months. I think it will be longer this time because it's winter."
    Ahmed said he smelled smoke about 11:15 a.m. Tuesday, ran out of his apartment and saw flames shooting out of the basement of the attached building. He and his wife left their apartment and then watched all day as firefighters tried to douse the flames.
    The building where the fire started, at 4305 de Courtrai, was demolished that night after firefighters determined it wasn't structurally sound.
    The Ahmed family stayed with a friend in a bachelor apartment Tuesday night. They were trying to find a larger place to stay last night.
    Ahmed's building is run by Montreal's municipal housing office. The neighbouring building is privately owned.
    A woman, whose one-bedroom apartment was destroyed in the blaze, said she was surprised to return Tuesday night to see the building demolished.
    "When I left at 7 p.m., the fire seemed to be under control," she said.
    "I was sure my apartment would be saved because it was at the far corner, on the opposite side where the fire started."
    The scene was too much to bear for Aranka Hagymasi, 53. She was taken to a hospital Tuesday after her heart condition started acting up.
    "It was horrible," Hagymasi said yesterday, returning to her apartment with her husband, Jozsef Pilis, 41, to salvage their belongings.
    Another resident was treated for minor smoke inhalation.
    The city put up many families in hotels yesterday, for a second night. The victims are to meet with the municipal housing office in the coming days to find a more permanent place to live.
    Repairs are expected to take months on the building at 4375 de Courtrai. It was not known yesterday if the owners will reconstruct the apartment building that has been razed.
    The city was trying to find temporary housing for 100 people yesterday. It's believed the rest of the residents who were ousted by the fire were staying with friends or family.

    Cattleya trianaei 'Aranka Germaski' Fcc/Aos
    14 Dec 2007,

    Ed M
    I was puttering around the greenhouse last night and noticed a big white flower back in a hard to reach place on one of the benches. I brought it out and discovered it was my Cattleya trianaei 'Aranka Germaski' Fcc/Aos. I received a small division several years ago and this is the first time its bloomed for me.
    Cattleya trianaei is a unifoliate Cattleya species from Colombia where it was first discovered in 1842. Its a winter blooming plant with 18cm (7 inch) flowers. The species comes in many color forms with this one being an alba. They are also one of the longest-lasting of Cattleya flowers, up to five weeks.

    Cattleya trianaei 'Aranka Germaski'
    Face Time: Aranka Matolcsy
    The life of an artist; living one's beliefs.

    Sunday, December 9, 2007,

    By M. Dirk Langeveld, staff writer
    In 1962, Lajos Matolcsy founded the Western Maine Art Group, a community arts organization in Norway. Forty-five years later, after being involved in music, publishing and ceramic arts - as well as becoming a referee for alpine ski and snowboard competitions in Colorado - his daughter Aranka Matolcsy is carrying on the tradition started by her father. On Nov. 1, she became the full-time director of the Western Maine Art Group.

    Age: 39
    How did you get into the arts?
    I was born into the arts. My mother, Claire, held a degree in art history from Cornell, was a modern dancer who studied with the likes of Martha Graham, Hose Limon and Alvin Ailey, and possessed a knowledge of music history that surpassed my conservatory professors. My father, Lajos, was a professor of fine arts from the Royal Hungarian Academy who founded the Western Maine Art Group in 1965, and who gained significant notoriety in Europe and the United States through teaching, exhibition and competition.

    Do you do any artwork of your own? (She is an accomplished musician and writer but...)
    Then I discovered glass. Ten years ago I started studying glass blowing, which eventually led to slumping and fusing glass in kilns. Glass is the medium that turns me on to the fullest extent. It is the most dynamic, interactive and captivating medium and form of art I have yet discovered. I am currently building a new glass studio in South Paris and will hopefully be able to teach glass arts and exhibit my true art in the near future.
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    Moonstruck flock to Arizona light collector
    Wed Dec 5, 2007 ,

    . . .
    Moonlight benefits
    The Chapins are eager for researchers to use the site to determine if moonlight does have any demonstrable applications in areas including medicine, plant biology and certain industrial processes. They also welcome visits by sceptics to the site.
    Meanwhile, visitors continue trek out to the imposing installation and listen to ambient music as they wait for a break in the clouds to step into the moonlight. For them, it is a very enjoyable experience in itself.
    Aranka Toniatti, a cancer patient who has driven from Colorado twice to stand in the moonlight, said it is "a gorgeous feeling".
    "You feel almost like you are in heaven," she said.
    - Reuters

    Interstellar Light Collector

    Augustus 2007
    August 19, 2